Boys Varsity Soccer · Boys Varsity Soccer Fires On All Cylinders Against FCA

Right from the first blow of the referee’s whistle, it was evident that every single Eagle came to hustle and stand firm as a united force against Fellowship Christian Academy (a multi time state championship program). In particular, during the first half, the Eagles pushed and pressed offensively keeping the ball on the opponent’s end for a great deal of the time. Our coordinated offensive and defensive efforts were intense and kept the opponent to only two goals by halftime.

Gabriel Gomes (fresh off a goal in the previous game) and Alex Latimore proved to be an offensive duo with their well timed passes to each other, coordinated runs, and shots on goal. Wedds Alexis, Grant Leccese, and Bryan Sullivan provided both vigorous, tough offense and defense. Ethan Spell and Taylor Burton continued their season pattern of fierce, feisty, and fast plays. Pivotal blocks and opportune passes up the line came from Grant van den Berg, Samuel Alarcon, and Devan  Sonderman. Cameron Slavin and Lane Miller stood their ground and made opponents rethink and redirect their actions. Like usual, Quentin Jackson had impressive saves on goal. Eagles lose 0-7.

Our numerous fans cheered loudly and beamed with pride throughout the game. We recognize that our Eagles are coming along beautifully under the impressive and multifaceted leadership of our talented coaches, Pablo Crump, Austin Cardenas, and Tomas Crump. Way to go, Coaches & Players!!!