Multiple Teams · MB Coach Spotlight: Trent Jones

Coach: Varsity Boys and Girls Cross Country

Hometown: Lakeland, Florida

Family: My wife, Kelsey, and a baby girl on the way!

College: Young Harris College

Athletic Background: Baseball until 10th grade. I started running track and field and cross country in 9th grade, then ran all through college and was the captain for my junior and senior year.

Favorite College Memory: It has to be sitting in the creek with my teammates – as an ice bath – after our preseason long run (16 miles) up to Brasstown Bald and back.

Favorite Sports Memory: Winning the 800m race with a time of 2:02 in my senior year region competition.

Time Machine – School, What Would You Do Differently: That’s easy – I would run more during the summers before the season!

Five Words or Less – Mt. Bethel: MY DREAM JOB!!!

Coaching Philosophy: To influence students to be better people through the discipline and love of running.

Favorite Teacher: My ethics professor in college, because he challenged me to take the ideas of others seriously and to genuinely understand someone before responding.

Your Inspiration: Dietrich Bonhoeffer- He was a German Theologian who stood up for the confessing church during a time of immense persecution in Nazi Germany. He inspires me to seek the truth and remain constant in faith and commitment no matter the cost.

Parent’s Best Advice: Find out what you love to do and then find a way to make money doing it.

Dog or Cat: Never really owned a dog. I’m kind of indifferent to the whole Dog vs Cat debate – but if I had to choose, it would be a DOG!

Sports Taught Me: To be comfortable being uncomfortable.  That can mean different things to different people, but to me, it has helped me in life by allowing me to focus on the task regardless of the difficulty. For instance, when studying wilderness medicine, there are many times where to properly support people who are injured in the wilderness, I need to be able to put aside my discomfort and focus on the treatment.

Off The Clock: I like being outdoors, especially on whitewater rivers, in the canoe with my wife!