Girls B Squad Volleyball, Girls Middle School Sideline Cheer · MB Coach Spotlight: Caitlin Black

Middle School Cheerleading | Middle School B Squad Volleyball

FAMILY: I have been working and coaching at Mt Bethel for three years. I am currently taking online classes at Liberty University as I continue my degree in Education. I am looking forward to marrying my fiancé ,Brendan Rogers this October! I have two younger sisters Meghan and Madison Black who, along with myself, attended Mt Bethel. My mom, Marie Black, has been a second-grade teacher at Mt Bethel for over 10 years now. My family loves the Eagles!

ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: In high school I was a competitive cheerleader for Mount Paran, Lassiter and the Stingrays along with cheering for football and basketball. I was also able to participate in cross country and soccer in my off seasons.

FAVORITE SPORTS MEMORY: Sports have always been a big part of my life and as a coach they continue to be a part of my life daily. To this day my favorite sports memory was homecoming week in high school. Spirit week, pep rallies and football games were the best time of the year. As a cheerleader I was very involved with planning everything from a pie throwing contest to a massive run through banner. Cheering on the football team on a Friday night while stunting and tumbling will forever stick with me as the highlight of my cheerleading career and I always try to remind those in high school to take it all in and enjoy every second of it.

WHAT WOULD YOU TELL YOUNGER YOU: Along those same lines, if I could go back to school I would remind myself to slow down and take it all in. College and adulting will come, I promise, enjoy the time you have while in high school and prepare yourself for the future while enjoying the present.

MT BETHEL – FIVE WORDS OR LESS: A Family and A School.

COACHING PHILOSOPHY: I want to be a positive influence for my athletes on and off the court so that I can not only help them grow in their sport but also grow in their love for Christ.

FAVORITE TEACHER: One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Mulvihill. He taught one of my hardest yet most influential classes; apologetics. He taught us how to defend our faith by learning all of the ins and outs of other religions. I still use the notes that I took in this class to this day and refer back to them regularly. I cannot thank him enough for the foundation that he gave me to stand up for my faith in an intellectual and understanding way.

PERSON WHO INSPIRES YOU: The person that inspires me the most would have to be my mom. She blows me away every day. The amount of love, patience and kindness she puts into her students at school and to her family at home is incredible. I strive to emulate everything she has taught me and continues to teach me on a daily basis.

PARENT’S BEST ADVICE: The best advice my parents ever gave me was to point me to God and His Word first before anything else.

DOG OR CAT: I am a dog person!!

HOW DID SPORTS INFLUENCE YOUR LIFE: Prepared me for the real world by showing me that sometimes you might fail but getting back up and put in hard work pays off.

OFF THE CLOCK: When I am not at Mt Bethel I am usually with my fiancé and my dog hanging out with family and friends.